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Here are a few of our favorites for a wedding ceremony. 


If you're on the groom's side, you may also participate in a baraat before the ceremony. The baraat is a tradition in which the groom is led to the marriage venue in a dancing procession of family, friends and other members of his side. Keep the baraat in mind as you plan your outfit, if you’ll be a part of it.

At the wedding ceremony, you might notice a Hindu priest, known as a pandit, presiding over the couple. If the ceremony occurs in a temple or other religious place, you’ll be expected to remove your shoes, sit on the floor and cover your head with a dupatta, or scarf. 

The main ceremony usually lasts about an hour and a half to two hours. 

To get a sense of what type of outfit would be most appropriate, you should ask a member of the wedding party where the ceremony will be taking place. Though the ceremony has become more flexible than it used to be — especially with brides opting for outfits in a variety of colors — it’s always safer to stay avoid wearing blacks, whites and reds. Definitely plan on getting dressed up, but don’t plan on going too blingy. 

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